April 12, 2005

Lesbian gains equal paranting rights

I can only say that this is good news, the judicial system is beginning to recognise the importance of same sex partners with the granting of visitation rights to a woman to the children that where conceived between her and her former partner using donor sperm. There is more to parenting than mere biology, something that the government fails to recognise as it is going stop annonymity to all egg and sperm donors to, against their wishes despite having nothing to do with the upbringing of the children in question and yet fails to recognise the contributions that gay partners make to the upbringing of each others children.
He said: “What has been said about the importance of fathers is of equal application in same-sex parents.”

The appeal judge said that there had been a “judicial recognition” of family diversity as the family had evolved in modern society. “I am in no doubt at all that the children require firm measures to safeguard them from diminution or loss of a vital side of family life.”


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